Your Microfiber Cloth and how to care for it

What you should know about your Microfiber cloth:

Microfiber ClothMicrofibers are 100 times smaller than the human hair. They can therefore reach into the smallest of areas and pick up dust and particles. Your microfiber cloth will feel sticky to the touch because of the way the fiber is designed. It is not treated with any chemicals.


Your cloth can be used wet or dry. When used wet, it becomes a "streak-free" cloth. You need no more paper towels. Simply wipe the surface of the mirror, glass, window or any shiny material, leaving it damp to dry without streaks.

When dry, it serves as a "chemical-free" dust picker-upper. With just one swipe, it traps dust before it gets air borne. A must have for people who are allergic to dust.

Your microfiber cloth also removes oily films on glass and mirrors. Try it as your last resort on problem surfaces.

How to care for your microfiber cloth:

When new, use your cloth for as long as possible without washing. You may shake it out if needed.

When it needs to be washed, we recommend you wash it by hand and air dry it. Do not put it into the dryer since it will pick up other fibers within the closed environment. Do not use a laundry softener.

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