Streak Free " Streak Free"
What Does it Mean?

FORBETR introduces four "streak-free" cloths. They are FORBETR's Bath & WC Cloth, Window Cloth, High-Tech Microfiber Cloth and MicroStar. These specially designed cloths offer time-saving, money-saving and effort-saving results, like you have never seen before!

How do they work?

The cloths are made to complement the Universal Soap and its effectiveness.

Bath & WC ClothLet's say you were to touch up your bathroom. You would put some water into the sink. Add a few drops of the Universal Soap Cleaner. Take your Bath & WC Cloth, which is one of the streak-free cloths and was specially designed for all chores in the bathroom. Squeeze it out in the solution and proceed to wipe down your mirror, counter top, sink, faucet, cabinet inside and out, any fingerprints on painted surfaces or wallpaper etc. Then squeeze out the cloth one more time in the solution. Wring it out well. Once more wipe down the mirror, sink and faucet so that the surfaces are still moist without leaving large drops of water.

Now you are done. Go on to do what ever else you need to do. When you come back to the bathroom, the mirror as well as your other surfaces will be dry and PRESTO - NO STREAKS!

You not only have saved yourself time and effort but have also saved on paper towels, protecting our trees and the environment. Best of all, you have clean, shiny surfaces with very little effort.

Why not make your life easier! For a small investment in FORBETR products you can make a world of difference for yourself in your home and in your environment.

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