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For every task, there is a tool. To dig a hole you need a shovel; to hang a picture you need a hammer; to clean a room you need…Suddenly the list of tools gets a little longer. Add to that the kinds of values one can attribute to cleaning and the project can become a nightmare. What if you’re environmentally aware and want cleanliness on healthy and pleasant terms?

For North Shore resident Sylvia Samis, founder and owner of Forbetr Products Inc., a Chicago-based manufacturer of European formulated home and laundry care products, nothing could be simpler. With a motto that is almost a mantra, Ms. Samis says quite simply, "Cleaning is a dirty word no more." For her, cleaning surfaces of any kind essentially requires two things: a cleaner and a cloth.

With a focus on environmentally friendly products, Ms. Samis offers just two products for cleaning surfaces: the Universal Soap Cleaner for use on every kind of washable surface, and the Vinegar-Cleaner, developed for tougher stains in the kitchen and bathroom. To enhance the effectiveness of these products, Ms. Samis has introduced a line of quality cloths designed to be highly absorbent, reusable, chemical free that also allow wet surfaces to dry without streaking.

"Whether you’re wiping, cleaning, drying or washing the focus should be on what will work quickly and effectively, Ms. Samis explains. "A great cotton cloth that is washable and durable works for the kitchen but a chamois-like cloth to clean and polish tile, chrome and glass is what you need in a bathroom."

Another bonus for the ancient art of cleaning has been the high-tech development of micro fiber. This man-made material allows for super absorption of dust and dirt on porous surfaces and, depending on the weave, can attract dust, keeping it from becoming airborne.

Besides a selection of basic household cloths, Forbetr also includes a listing of specialty cloths for shoes, silver, copper and brass, windshields and more. For further information on Forbetr products, please call 224-542-8752. For a catalog, please call 224-542-8752. The e-mail address is:; the web site is

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