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Once upon a time not very long ago, in countries all over this planet, the words danger, caution, lethal, poison and toxic were associated with war -- not household cleaners. These days, one look under the kitchen sink and you wonder if your house has enlisted, been conscripted or otherwise called to arms. Has cleanliness gone over to the Dark Side?

For Austrian-born Sylvia Samis, the harsh and skin-searing power of the cleaners she discovered this side of the Atlantic were enough to make her cry... and cough. The overpowering odors made her run from rooms just cleaned while wondering how cleaning got to be this dangerous.

After several years of research, North Shore resident Samis introduced a line of home and laundry care products designed to be environmentally friendly and to make the chore of cleaning a more pleasant experience. Using all natural ingredients with the highest degree of biodegradability, she christened her company FORBETR.

According to Ms. Samis, it appears the simplicity of easy yet effective cleaning has been lost to new generations.

"I have an aunt in Austria who had one all-natural cleaner she used for every washable surface. So here was this easy to use, earth (and hands) friendly product that saved time and money," she said.

No longer able to wait for what she thought would be coming out any minute, Ms. Samis has developed a cleaning system that is based on five products for home and laundry: FORBETR's Universal Soap Cleaner which can be used on every washable surface in the home, yard, car, boat, etc.; the Vinegar-Cleaner, for use on tougher stains in the kitchen and bathroom; HD Laundry Shampoo, Delicate-Laundry Shampoo and Laundry Soft-Rinse. The FORBETR laundry system works as a unit for all washables. It is low sudsing, contains no phosphates, no chlorine bleach and no optical brighteners. All FORBETR products are made as natural as possible, with no heavy perfumes.

The FORBETR products also include a variety of cleaning, polishing and dusting cloths. All are intended to make the chore of cleaning quicker and more effective. Chemical-free dusting and streak-free drying are added benefits of FORBETR's Specialty Cloths.

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