From a customer in Woodstock, IL:

I first learned about Forbetr at the Crystal Lake, IL Business Expo in April 1999. I was looking for earth friendly products to use in my home due to having asthma and allergies. I placed my first order in June of 1999 and have been very pleased.

The customer service was very helpful when I called to find my local consultant. About two days later I received a call from Sylvia and arranged for my local consultant in Barrington, to call me. Ann Marie provided me with my order quickly and even arranged to meet me personally for delivery in Crystal Lake. I also had the pleasure of receiving a personal phone call from Sylvia in the fall of 1999. I learned about the history of the products and inquired about future product lines.

In Sylvia's voice I heard the dedication to her products and customers. Since using the laundry care system in hard water I have noticed a variety of things. Whites that had a grayish or yellowish tint lost the tint and appeared to be turning white again. There is less lint in the dryer. If the liquid is pored onto the clothes, it does not harm the clothes. The clothes have a very light fragrance not overwhelming like some commercial products.

With the Vinegar and Universal Soap Cleaners I have noticed the bathroom mirrors do not develop film as quickly. Countertops also stay clean longer. The hard water stains disappear easier in the shower and toilet bowl without a lot of rubbing. The kitchen floor looks brighter. These products are also safe to use without gloves. Previously I had to clean with gloves because my hands would become red and itch. Now I can clean without gloves.

I also use the Bath and WC Cloth on mirrors and countertops. They dry streak free. The cloth is very soft and dries quickly.

From a customer in Barrington, IL:

A crisp and clean looking website that is parallel to the outcome of product usage. Using Forbetr products takes the drudgery out of cleaning and produces outstanding results. I'm proud to be a user of Forbetr products and in the process I feel I am helping the environment.

A.M.C.- Barrington, IL.

From a customer in Chicago, IL:

I just love the Universal Soap Cleaner! It makes everyday chores so easy, quick and actually enjoyable. Knowing how easy it is to clean with the Universal Soap, I decided to wash my windows instead of calling my window cleaning service. I added a little bit of Universal Soap (about 1/2 tsp. to 1 gallon of water) in a bucket of water. Armed with Forbetr's special streak-free window cloth, I got the windows, screens and frames done in a flash. I simply wrung out the window cloth and wiped each window down once more before letting it dry by itself - streak-free.

The job was done in 1/2 the time without having to use paper towels. I had beautiful shiny windows to show for my efforts. I may just wash my windows more often.......



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